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Rebrandly is a great little tool that is ideal for affiliate marketers, brand builders, or content marketers who are pushing out a lot of links, and are a disorganized, dysfunctional mess like me.  Cool little tools like this one are ideal for quickly and easily organizing your links, and “re-branding” (and repurpose) your traffic to optimize for conversions.

In this example, I had a tracking link, wrapped around a banner ad, on ONE site, that I was hoping to use to drive traffic to another.  (our Mightynetworks community which went live at the end of April)

I was hoping, considering the topics are somewhat close, that folks who were checking out the first site (mostly people interested in spiritual experiences, and esoteric ideas) would also be interested in connecting with (or becoming) other “light workers” on the second (newer site)

The banner ad click rates aren’t super high (as it’s a sidebar ad I was testing on a site that gets about 1000 visits a day) – BUT, we are getting enough traffic on the banner….from the first site to the second, to realize it’s not (yet) a good message to market match.

I want to change that link up to something else without having to go back to the original site and mess with the banner ad, or change anything else, so in this simple example, I can go into my REBRANDLY dash and just throw a new link in there (in this case, a popular affiliate network for psychic readings that’s already paid me somewhere around 45K over the years in referral commisions) – and REBRANDLY makes that super duper easy, in 20 seconds flat.

It’s also free – and of course, can do lots of very cool things well beyond the scope of this screenshare – (including a super cool chrome extension that lets you “cloak” live links on the fly – but if you are pushing out a lot of content, and need to quickly be able to change destination URL’s, landing pages, affiliate networks, do various types of split testing, etc……all with a custom URL branded to your business.  (i’m using goodkarma.link/ for mine – but you can buy and use any domain that matches your brand (a .co, or a .biz, or a .link, etc – and get far higher CTR than you would get on an uglier, or generic short link for sure)

For my publishing business – as I’m going to have lots of books on Amazon, many free that I’m hoping will drive helatious amounts of traffic (from the Amazon free book content to an outside URL) being able to swap, alter and revise links is SUPER important, without having to edit your book on Amazon, everytime a landing page, or campaign isn’t converting.  Using these sorts of links – your life gets much easier in a hurry…..which, I think we can all agree, is a good thing.

It’s free – and awesome.  Check it out here.

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