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Here is a short video I recorded about an hour ago to illustrate some of the ways curated content, in this case, user generated video curation from youtube, can be used in some creative ways to extend your influence, promote your platform, build introductions in your niche, market or industry (and position you as a thought leader or authority) and even…..do something as pedestrian as sell affiliate products as well.

The video is a simple live time visualization from a “feeder” site (a site that has pretty much exclusively curated video content found on youtube) and was never really conceptualized as an important part of our platform or project.

But, there is one really important metric to look for here – and that is the outgoing links.


think about how many times you see a strange url showing up in your own user dashboard, and you curiously go check out who it is that is sending you visitors.

(I know I do 🙂

Now think if you are sending that site tens, or even hundreds of visitors a day, for free……as is the case I’m demonstrating today. (as we are sending, by dint of her own videos, hundreds, if not thousands of visitors a week to Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, just from this one site alone)

Now of course, there is very little we could do for a celebrity that size, with millions of followers, outside of some better hairstyle advice.

So think about your own niche/market or industry, and think about gradations of “fame”. If there is a local lawyer in your area that suddenly sees you are sending him 50 visits a MONTH, (let alone a day), trust me, he (or she) is going to be all ears when you have a business, brand, blog or product promotion to pitch their way.

Or, as above, think about the affiliate marketing ramifications. You can (and I certainly do and have) sent tons of folks who have an obvious interest in the affiliate product (they just clicked on the link to visit it after all) – all using curated content you didn’t write, create, or think up, on your own.

If you are in my private group for online agency marketers……and want to use curation, let’s discuss it by phone or email. I love curated content, have used it in more markets than I can count over the years, and there are some super cool ways to incorporate it in an ethical way that your audience WILL love (both your professional peers, and the public as well)

ALSO: To see how I use Revue ( newsletter for content curators in the same niche) check out this video I did a few months ago here.

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