Q: How important is the name for my new website? How much time should I spend picking out the the perfect domain? Does it make a difference….and if not, why not?

In this short audio, I share my own thoughts on picking the perfect domain name, (spoiler alert:  it’s usually just another good way to procrastinate) and why if you ARE one who likes to get caught in the infinite loop of analysis paralysis,  good news!  There IS a little bit of difference when it comes to a web community, directory or “authority” style site.

I also share a bit of thinking behind the naming of my newest social community and how some of my experience with other web directory projects, including how the NAME of one directory more than doubled our response – and ultimately, led to a ton of additional viral shares, simply by exploiting a bug in the human condition.  (that little known but universal desire to feel like we are all rock stars  and someone else has noticed 🙂

The most important takeaway, from my perspective anyway, is this:

Get people to raise their hand, metaphorically……and say – “that’s me!” when they see your brand name, and you’ll find it much easier to get people to sign up and become ambassadors for your brand, blog and business.

It’s not the only thing that matters, of course….but when building something new, having one less friction point is better than one more.

And if you can capture something that appeals to people’s ego, as in the example I articulate in this audio, not only will more people want to JOIN your community, they’ll be far more likely to share YOUR community (and their place in it) as well.

NOTE:  The last piece of this audio that I blanked out on (I started a final point – and then lost my complete train of thought – it was 130 am and i’ve been recording all day) was this:  Don’t fall in love with your own ideas.  Worry only about what works, and what appeals to your audience, as measured by the metrics that matter.  (this was the “Jay Abraham” reference I started to discuss before my brain blanked out.  I was going to edit this out – but life is short – and I’ve got to eat some lunch 🙂