A quick follow up on some of the previous posts about doing interviews as a way of inviting your professional peers (or products, if that’s your thing) to participate in your  directory project, community or authority site.

I’ve done interviews a zillion different ways.

I’ve done some super basic ones.  (remedial text based interviews – like the one you can see here, which remain popular within very narrow niches….to this day)

I’ve done – “answer these 5 questions and get back to me” interviews…….and sent the same questions to 500 people.

I’ve done webinars.  I’ve done calls in my car on my cell phone with well known life coaches while eating sashimi with my free hand and watching pick up basketball games far more interesting than the voice on the other end that have been liked, shared and listened to tens of thousands of times….and I’ve done similar calls with interesting strangers based 100% on directory style invites, that have led to later calls, collaboration and connections.

Today, in 2017, there are so many cool and creative ways to actually DO the interviews, and transcribe the calls (which you DO want for content, and your members/clients should want as well) that it’s difficult to keep track of which tool or tech is best.

(I used to use “TapeaCall” exclusively – and then transcribe.wreally.com for converting that audio file into text, but that approach may have officially jumped the shark in the last 6 months)

More recently, as I’ve been sharing here, I’ve used and recommended Casette.design – as they have a built in transcription service with a whole bunch of extra bells and whistles built in.  (although the transcription IS a bit wonky – and I do find myself having to edit the text these days far more than I planned, which is souring me a bit on the service)

I want to recommend, if you are planning on doing a lot of these, that you check out ANCHOR.FM.  It’s free – and super duper cool – and far more than an app for recording interviews for sure.  (as a matter of fact, it’s an ancillary feature, and one they just shipped last week I believe – complete with on demand (and free) transcription of your interview/and or call)

It’s a huge time saver.  It’s super cool.  It’s beautiful to use.  And it’s free.   Check it out at the link below.

Exactly a month ago, we launched a brand new version of Anchor that made it possible to create interactive streams of audio called Stations. With Stations, Anchor lets anyone easily broadcast their voice, share full length songs from Spotify and Apple Music, take call-ins from listeners, and even publish external audio clips. The reception to this new version has been incredible — and inspiring: we’ve already seen over 2 million plays of audio from the new platform in the month of March alone (far exceeding our original internal goal of 1 million plays).