Okay, I’m not really sure what an inspirational architect is.  But I heard someone say it last week, and thought it felt like something to shoot for in life.

So here is the deal.  We’re launching a brand new super exciting publishing platform and suite of services for authors in the personal development, spiritual growth and mindfulness/meditation marketplaces.

We’re looking for folks who want to write, teach, inspire, uplift help and “heal” others in cool and creative ways.

We’ll going to have a social network and creative community you’ll be able to interact with professional peers, and the public who are looking to learn about you, your words, and your work.

We’re going to have a content and course community where you’ll be able to teach what you know, share what you love and take (and sell) classes around your experience and expertise.

We’re building a super suite of publishing and promotional services for those of you who want to focus on doing what YOU do best….and let others handle the messy marketing stuff you don’t.

But most important to me – we want to “disrupt” the self publishing scene a bit as well -with revolutionary easy tools, tips, techniques and TEMPLATES for turning your content into courses, your blog into books,  and your passion and purpose into perpetual piles of profit to boot.  

(in other words – if you thought writing a book needed to be hard, or requires you to lock yourself in your room for days at time with bad bedhead and CNN on infinite loop like I do – the good news is, you don’t. That’s our job) 

So help me by answering:

1 – What are your biggest self publishing questions?   Have you written a book to help build “buzz” for your blog, brand or business?  If not…..why not?  What keeps you from writing, creating or sharing your sense of passion or purpose for your work?

If you have questions about writing your first book, creating your first course, or codifying your content into a high ticket coaching program or suite of services, I’d love to hear your BIGGEST challenge.   Shoot me an email (ianrhollander(AT)gmail with the single biggest obstacle that’s holding you back.

2 – On Monday (the 17th of April) I’ll be launching the first of a series of monthly 21 day self publishing challenges.   These will be perfect for folks who have always known they wanted to write a book…and simply need a gentle nudge in the direction of your destiny 🙂   I’ll be leading, writing and demonstrating a book being written on the fly – with all the marketing strategy – mocked up, mapped out,  from concept to published in under a month.  If you take part in the workshop – you’ll be showing up to doing the same thing – and will be held accountable to having your first book published in 30 days as well.  (an extra 9 days over my commitment to you!)

(we are thinking of experimenting with some different accountability exercises to ensure folks follow through – at this point, it looks like we’re going to offer the workshop for Free – but if you don’t follow through and have a published book up on Amazon after 30 days – you have to pay for the course – or donate money to charity – or some variation of that idea)

This is JUST for non fiction books and our target audience are coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, mindful marketers, mentors, helpers, healers, yogi’s, artists, aspiring authors, blogging bodhisattva’s, “light” workers, purpose driven professionals and enlightened entrepreneurs.

In other words – if you want to change the world through your words and work – THIS challenge – and this community – is all You.

Send your questions to ianrhollander (at) gmail (dot)com or connect with me on FB – we’ve got a whole content campaign planned around reader questions – so if you’ve got them, I’m happy to answer!