Some quick notes from some of the questions folks are asking about the directory marketing model.

The Pain: “I don’t know how to approach my professional peers, or attract my ideal audience”

The authority site makes you a thought leader by virtue of the fact that you’ve taken the initiative to build it.

(want spiritual teachers or authors as clients? Build a directory that helps the public find them.  Want local insurance agents as clients?  Build a local directory that features the top insurance agents in your town.  Want restaurants and bars as clients?  Build an authority site in your local community that features the top eateries and nightlife, and then approach your ideal audience with irresistable offers that build BUZZ for their businesses in cool and creative ways and that PIGGYBACK off the idea that your directory and they’re listing – gives you them the extra eyeballs they’re going to need)

The authority site model has many lives, and serves many masters.

It gives you the INSTANT appearance of credibility, even if you have none right now.  (you can hand populate a local directory in a day, and on the SECOND day, approach your ideal audience by phone, email or ping, and have the appearance of being a thought leader or mover or shaker in your niche, target market or vertical, simply by having something tangible, valuable or interesting.

Very few will know (or care) that you’ve only recently launched this project.

(note:  For those of you who think you need to build a site like this for MONTHS before you can approach clients, it’s not true.  The first directory I launched using this model, with only a few live listings on the site, a woman emailed me back to to say some variation of  “you need me more than I need you”……and proceeded to tell me how with that few listings on the directory, she wanted all sorts of free extras to be on the site – and proceeded to remind me how important she was, and how inconsequential my offer was, etc.

I added her for free, put her lengthy self aggrandizing email response as her business description, and left her a bad review, not on the basis of her service – which I technically couldn’t honestly assess  – but as a human being – which I could.

None of this was nice, of course –  but it felt better than a small carton of prozac, and was very liberating and made me chuckle at odd times throughout the day for weeks.  Eventually my therapist told me these were not healthy feel good experiences, so reluctantly, I stopped.

So if you are worried about not being expert, experienced or important enough in your niche or local marketplace?

Fear not – i’ve got a carefully curated collection of revenge responses to mean people that haven’t been used in years.  I’m happy to email you a few if you need.