Start Writing. And Start Now.

This is the transcript of the first piece of a recording I did for our new author marketing challenge that is launching in April on the BODHISATTVA network. IF you want to wake up the world with your words…and your work, our “beta” users are getting amazing results, and I can’t wait to open this up for all. We have courses coming…and a killer community, and I truly believe this is going to be an amazing and inspiring and motivational thing for anyone who wants to write, but has procrastinated for whatever reason….getting your message out into the world.

If you want the audio to this call, I’m happy to share that with you as well. The transcript is below, and it’s been edited using the Cassette app (which is awesome, by the way) BUT, there are going to be some “flow” errors and some weird word salad “huh?? moments too – as it’s AUTO-MAGIcALLY transcribed and occasionally, there are word mismatches from what I said, versus what the app thinks I said 🙂

If you want to write a book, but struggle with some of the motivational elements, or the mechanics, I hope you find this helpful. And I’d love for you to join the challenge and our community as well – so say hi to me on Twitter or using the contact form below.

The transcript of the call is below.

Hey guys soon this is the big overview on the twelve new rules for writing a book course. And I’m gonna quickly share with you what I think are the most important pieces of the process that I’m going to be covering in the curriculum to follow.

So the first major point that I want to discuss is that writing a book will change you. It will shape you in all sorts of cool and creative ways it will give you confidence.

And a sense of competence in your profession or your area of expertise there’s really nothing that is more and magical and motivating then realizing that you have a book published.

I’m gonna tell you some stories later on in my own life, even just recently in two thousand and sixteen and even early in two thousand seventeen that have really been in a really impactful in terms of seeing this arise in my own life in the world.

Now this course is also going to be really different. The goal is not going to be to knock you over with flowery poetic pros or some word salad of empty advice that I see so often online especially as it pertains to our writing

Instead I simply want to give you a scale up or a new way of thinking about what it is that tou are going to write or maybe even your ability TO write.

I think one of the things that scares people, where that really keeps many of us from from being as creative and outputting as much information as we have and in our heads is this fallacious belief. The erroneous belief that you have to be Shakespeare or that you have to write War and Peace or that you have to write some short of amazing poetic prose to really impress people.

it’s not true.

What I have actually have found the complete opposite to be true.

That the more contrived your content is, the more you overtly try to be a word Smith, the more you massage your message in ways that sound smooth or sexy, the less enaged your audience becomes.

So what I would suggest as an alternative well I would actually do more than suggest what I would implore you to do is this.

Start thinking of yourself as a teacher, rather than as a writer.

Think of yourself as a teacher.

The one excpetion to this is ficton. If you are writing fiction or planning on writing stories, this advice and my process is not going to be helful for you.

For everyone else, teach dont’ write.

Share what you know. Teach me how do something.

How does what you know, where you’ve been, what you’ve seen touched or tasted make my life better, by having read your words?

Share something that improves the lives of the people that you want to touch.

So start there.

Thinking of yourself first and foremost as a teacher is a major paradigm shift.

And if you are a procrastinator like most of us, this will change your workflow.

Being a writer is like being stuck in your head.

We find ourselves proofreading and editing and and re proofreading and re editing where as in reality, if you’re a teacher it matters not so much.

The prettiness of the pixels on the page. And the way your words line up and rhyme and all of that, it’s less important than conveying what it is that you want to share with your audience in a way that inspires them to act.

Motivates them to move or otherwise compels them to dance in the direction that gets them the rsults they want or need.

Make people better. This is a key rule.
Make them better in the area that you have experience and expertise. So if you want to write, we’re gonna cover all of this in the course to follow.

I also want to talk about some of the hidden costs of procrasination.

The cost of not doing.
Of not actually putting your words, and work out into the world, because you are obsessed with perfection, or making everything pretty and ready and waiting until it’s both.

When i look at my own life, the cost of procrastination is pretty steep. I mean not doing the things that i want or planned or stressed or obsessed about. Because i waited for things to be perfect.

So not teaching are not helping or not healing or not inspiring or reaching out to connect with a community, because you aren’t ready, the cost of this is super steep. I’ve learned that lesson, and it’s something I work on everyday, even now.

You know, so many other people that I see in my own life this applies to:

Someone who may be a tax attorney but they’d rather be a yogi. OR someone who may be a contractor, or a real estate agent, who would rather be a healer or a life coach.

Or you know a lot of people that I deal with in my personal life are very invested in mindfulness and meditation. The more sort of spiritual spaces.

How to live in the world as one’s best self. And a lot of the people that I know who are really passionate about those ideas. In their daily lives they, may have more conventional jobs, but their real passion is for doing helping and healing work.

And they choose not to pursue it peak even though they have a lot to share a lot to teach because they don’t have the confidence. They want to write, they want to share, and yet they feel they aren’t ready.

So I say, that’s a mistake. If you can make someone better, the time is now.