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People Don’t Suck


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“People suck”, she said.

They do“, he agreed.

These 4 words stuck in my skull this morning, overheard on a late morning (slow) jog from my spot – across the soggy, stormy park across the street.

On a damp and drizzly day, especially – it’s easy to think that people suck.

I’ve spent a few hours with these 4 words – this casual conversation – ratting through my brain to see where it sticks.

It would be so easy to agree.

So easy to use this stark but simple statement – as a morning mantra to push and prod my way through the crowd.

But people are awesome, really.

That’s what I see.

Even with my head down, facing forward, just slogging my way through the day.

I see goodness and grace in unexpected faces and places, if only, I look again.

People don’t suck.

Sometimes we need to be reminded they do, to remember we don’t.

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