Here are 3 apps I’m loving this month.

Milanote:  I’ve mentioned them a few times over the last few weeks, and I keep finding new and creative ways to amp up my productivity using Milanote.  For example?  You can not only storyboard or mock up an entire writing project (complete with live links, images, quotes, etc) you can also export the board to a PDF in one click, and then share that PDF with your readers, students (for those of you teaching) subscribers and more.  I can’t over state how important this is for content creation – AND, surprisingly enough….. for authority site marketers, too.

Here is an example:

I recently took an entire category on a niche directory and dropped all the listings into a milanote board – then exported that to a “canvas” PDF – (which is just a nicely formatted horizontal axis copy of your board) posted it on the directory – and offered that up to my readers, with live links – for folks who want a nice looking PDF with all of the listings in their area, complete with member pictures, a sponsored link, etc.  I can see (by dint of tracking links) that folks are clicking on the listings even a day or two later… our site (and by extension, our paid professional listings) a “stickiness” that doesn’t require a repeat visit to earn.

Thank god I still get such creative ideas after drinking half of a family sized bottle of wine.

Don’t let anyone tell you drinking alone is a bad idea.

This is a total game changer for writers, authors, and content marketers.  Simply stated, you can literally RECORD an entire book using this app, as it will transcribe your dictated text with amazing accuracy.  You can also (obviously) record articles, blog posts, tutorials, etc and have content you can use in a plethora of ways, even if (or especially if) you hate to write.  I don’t hate to write, and I still find Cassette is amping up my productivity in amazing ways.  Cassette makes me WANT to create and communicate and for those of you who love to talk but hate to write…..can’t recommend it highly enough.

Loving adioma.  It’s awesome, easy to use and has turned me into an infographic making machine.  While other people go out and make friends, socialize and get fresh air, I stay inside and make infographics with Adioma.

If you would have told me 6 months ago, that I’d be designing great looking infographics and visualizations that looked pretty, professional and were being shared by hundreds of people on Pinterest, I would have told you the chances of that happening were as likely as the Celebrity Apprentice taking over the White House.  Guess what?  I was wrong.  The lead singer of Poison is probably 4 months away from being the next Secretary of State, and Amorosa is one election cycle away from being Speaker of the House.

Yes I failed civics class – but i’m crushing it with infographics, which is a sweet consolation prize.

Trump steaks for everyone.