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What is the difference between CURATING content, versus CREATING content? Which is easier when starting something new? What are the tools, techniques or technologies that are best suited for launching a new project with curated content?

Content curation is one of the absolute easiest ways to quickly, easily and ethically “create” new content for your blog, brand or business, without having to sit down and write really long form articles.

A really good example of a content curation platform is TUMBLR. (notwithstanding the mess Marissa Mayer + Yahoo made out of it when they arrived 🙂

On Tumblr, you could (and still can) create a brand new blog, with hundreds of cool, creative and compelling content items, in a day or two, giving you the appearance of expertise and authority (or just making you look super creative and insteresting yourself, even if you’re blogging at home in boxer shorts and bedhead like me) – ALL by re-purposing the creativity of others in the community in an ethical and encouraged way.

(note: 80% of people will never know you are using Tumblr if you set it up right, and when they see all of the cool and creative posts on your blog, will think that it is content you CREATED, rather than CURATED. You obviously don’t want to pretend that curated content is YOUR content of course, but most folks can’t distinguish, and you get some unearned creativity superhero points just by using the platform in this way)

So here is a short video I did on using Revue for curating a newsletter, which is being positioned as the Tumblr for Newsletters.

If you are looking to set up a curated newsletter, I’ve used a bunch of the tools out there (including Curated.co, Volleyy, et al….and Revue is free (or super low cost) beautiful, fun to use and an amazingly easy way to share what you love, and connect with the content, and community of your professional peers as well.

Check out Revue here, or watch the video above to see how I use it on one of our community projects.

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