UPDATE: Vantage 4.0 is out, and they are running a “bundle special” until April 21st – you get the theme (Vantage 4.01, their review plugin (Critic) their coupon plugin AND the official appthemes stripe payment integration, all for $99. (about 40% off) Plus, if you purchase through my affiliate link, I’ll give you a free, personalized directory marketing session by email, or by an audio I’ll record for you…..based on your needs, goals and objectives. (part of my $2347.00 yearly course – you’ll get it free, here) Only good till their launch bundle ends in less than 2 weeks.

A few more thoughts, on video, of what’s exciting about Vantage 4.0, what needs to be improved, and what I’d love to see them include to maximize the value the theme offers….both to site owners, but also, to the folks who will be listed/featured on our sites

The more I look at Vantage, and the more interaction I’ve had with David from Appthemes, the more excited I am about developing a new directory with their framework in place. In particular, I think Vantage will be uniquely suited for hyper local “Yelp” like directory communities, and I’ve got the perfect project in mind that I *think* Vantage will be uniquely suited to revive.

To be totally honest with you, I’m much more focused these days on creating new content + creativity – working with authors and writers and really pushing myself to publish more of my own courses + content than building new directories/communities……but I can’t help it. Whenever an exciting new directory theme comes out and I can see the potential for launching something new – from scratch – for $100 or less – my over associative, add addled brain starts moving in directions my better judgement implores me to ignore.

Oh well. Thank god I’ll be able to make a new set of new years resolutions in another 11 months.