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The Science of Small

The Science of Small


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What happens when you get small?  When you foil features and crush the inevitable urge to creep, leap and lurch you way to not launching at all?

I’ve always believed that the biggest enemy of achievement is the pursuit of perfection.  When you  try to do it all, you remain in perpetual planning mode.   Life is short.  So plan to plan less.  And do more.

I’ve got a quick confession to make.  I struggle with the ignominious enemy of wanting to have it all.  Wanting to do it all.  Wanting to launch it all, in a picture perfect poetic way.

Where all the bases are covered. All the angles are warm, welcoming, windows to something bigger, better and bolder than the original idea.

Don’t make this mistake.  Keep it small.  Find the things you love, and do really, really well.

Who are you?  What do you love?  What do you do better than almost anyone else?

Do that.  Stay there.  And keep doing it so you do it even better than before.

That’s the secret.

And that’s the struggle.

And don’t let anyone tell you different.


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