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As some of you know, next week I’m going to be part of a 30 day, book writing challenge.  Essentially, if all goes as planned, as a group, we’ll each be writing, publishing and promoting a new book, from scratch….in 30 days.

So as the date gets closer, I’ve been looking for some really good resources to share for those who need an extra nudge as to WHY writing a book in 2017 is such a good investment of your time, energy and enthusiasm.

A few minutes ago, I came across this video from Brian Tracey, world class salesman and author extraordinaire, on why you ought to write a book.

He covers many of the same reasons I described in this infographic, so there is nothing really incredibly new here to see.

But I have to admit, I was completely transfixed by how Brian Tracy uses his hands in this short video.  It’s like he’s speaking a sort of sales sign language that was being channeled only to me.

First I found myself being lifted up, then brought gently down, then I found myself feeling  some sort of rodeo sensation, before once again, before coming gently to rest with a sense of inspired invigoration about my potential to publish something powerful and profitable, in rapid fire turn around time.

If i’m being totally honest with you, i started thinking…..fuck writing a book.  I want to learn some of that voodo hand magic mojo.  Because THAT is a gift I could actually use in everyday life.

Not that writing a book won’t.  It’s just that you’ve got to work up to that point in the conversation to make it count.  You can’t just blurt that out in a bar to impress someone.

 (believe me, i’ve tried.  more than once)

But with some of that wonderful hand wave-y action Brian has obviously got mastered quite handily (no pun intended) I’m thinking, you can skip the small talk and just get anything you want out of people, much like Keith Caradinne in the old Kung Fu series, but with a much higher jacket thread count, and a much more gentle demeanor.

I will also confess that when he said his books are published in 42 languages, I was thinking….that’s impossible.  No one speaks 42 languages.  What a liar.

Then I realized that he meant 42 people who presumably do speak those languages, did the heavy lifting on translating those books.

And then I decided it was time to put down the second bottle of wine.

Because drunk people waste far too much time on youtube.  That’s the key takeaway here.  And you really ought to write a book, too.  That’s the second thing I’d like you to remember.

And if you’d like to write a book in 30 days or less, and start next week, I’m moving my hands in a soft, subtle and circular way signaling you silently, that you ought to sign up below.






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