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Here is a short video where I outline what I believe is the absolute EASIEST way to monetize a web directory using the online agency style marketing model.

This works wonderfully well in hyper local markets. (geo specific directories in “yourtownusa” and the Yelp style sites which are growing increasingly popular in the last year or two)

Do note that you can quickly and easily swap out the style of framework/template you are using to build these style sites, continent on your ideal/target audience. This example assumes you are working in a local marketplace, and restaurants/lounges/eateries/coffee spots, etc – are part of your demographic.

(obviously there are real estate frameworks you could use if THAT was your audience – this is a pretty easy idea to swap up and out, depending on who you are attracting to your site)

I hope this makes sense to those of you who are struggling to actually make some money from your directories….and have good wordpress/design or agency style skills that you can bank on – quite literally, to make this approach fly in a very short time. But don’t take my word for it. Think it through – see if you can see any holes in this approach – look in your OWN local area and see if anything I said in this video appears untrue where you live. (look at how many pizza places have sites that are WORSE than this one – or Sushi places or coffee joints that have badly designed “WIX” style sites circa 2009 that would love a 72 hour makeover….and at a bargain basement price to boot)

And please remember: All of this can be stacked and scaled. You can build a website for a local business – using this sort of template – and then offer a whole suite of back end services behind that as well. So you have the directory offer that you lead with – the re-design is the low hanging fruit offer that most will find appealing – and then you have the REAL AGENCY style back end stuff that you bold, build, structure and scale your business on behind all of that, in a fun, viable and valuable way where everyone wins.

If you have questions – feel free to ask. If you’d like to collaborate on a directory project – let me know – I’m happy to work with a select group of projects for those who want some marketing/strategy help while you serve your clients, with me advising you behind the scenes.


(also – forgive the short and abrupt end to the video – I accidentally used “Screencastify” for this recording, which is an awesome service, but i’m using the free version which only has a 10 minute max – so with like 20 seconds left, i got the “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” message, and had to wrap it up in a hurry!  🙂

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