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I am addicted to productivity tools. If I had all the time back that i’ve spent learning cool tools to enhance my productivity, I’d be 28 again. And if I was 28 again, I’d do everything very, very differently.

Starting with treating the girlfriend I had at 28 a lot better. She went on to become super duper mega rich. And i’m in my boxer shorts, with a 9 dollar bottle of wine at 1025 on a Tuesday night, writing about productivity tools.

That’s called karma, baby.

Anyway, if I am going to be writing about cool, creative productivity tools, my new favorite one is called Milanote.

I just started playing with it earlier today (it was featured on Producthunt) – and it’s really the absolute perfect combination of mind mapping, organization, and immersive experience to keep me inspired to keep coming back.

Plus it’s free.

God I love being alive in 2017. Other than the occasional regret that comes from realizing that you fucked most of the rest of your life up in the decade and a half that came before it. But the productivity tools are top notch.

Check out Milanote here.

You’ll thank me later, I promise.

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