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Content curation is one of the easiest, most elegant and expeditious ways to create the appearance of “authority” in whatever niche, market or industry you want to work in.

Simply stated, you can take a long weekend, add a few hundred resources to a page, say nice things about your favorite ones, and then share that with the world….and get tons of traffic, love and appreciation from both the public, and your professional peers.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a site that was not only curating content in a smart and strategic way, but they actually had built an entire directory style site, with featured listings, user submissions, some cool sorting options and more. I was pretty sure it was a custom solution – but when I discovered it was a WordPress theme, and one available for purchase as well, I jumped at the chance to send an email to the theme authors right away.

That framework is the Chipmunktheme – a silly & light hearted moniker for a very serious functioning WP theme. Here is a quick overview of what you can do with the Chipmunk theme – and I recommend you check out their showcase page to see some of the cool and creative ways many start ups, tech companies and other online entrepreneurs are using it to curate content in fast, fun and inspiring ways.

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