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Here are some really interesting and inspiring examples of how quickly you can launch an online marketplace in the niche, industry, vertical or market that you love. (and on a bootstrap budget, too)

Gone are the days you need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in proprietary software, or complicated tech or tools, to launch something unique, fun, inspiring and uber appealing to your professional peers, or others who share your sense of passion and purpose in a given idea, topic or niche.

You also don’t need to do it with WordPress, either. While WP is a great way of developing and launching a minimum viable product, project or community, it’s no longer the ONLY game in town for bootstrapping a user generated content community.

Here are a few examples of some super creative, hyper “niche”, side hustle passion projects that are a bit under the radar, but are vibing and thriving in 2017.

1 –

This runs on the Mightybell network, and it’s a killer cool + creative example of connecting a community of craft professionals in an immersive and engaging way. You can launch a Mightybell network for free and do about 75% of this for either no cost, or at under $99 a month.


The Airbnb for recording studios and sound professionals. This (like the others below) runs on the Sharetribe network, and famously was created in single night as a “minimum viable project”.

3 –

A thriving marketplace for globetrotters looking to rent kites? Don’t laugh. The celebrity apprentice is in the White House. Which means, in 2017, absolutely anything is possible. This is a great example of a hardcore hobbyist style idea being developed on top of a world class platform and floated out into the world. (see what I did there?) This is a great example of what you can do with a simple idea, and a little bit of vision, and one of the better looking versions of a marketplace launched on the Sharetribe platform.

4 –

Another very cool example of taking a personal passion and purpose, and building a fun, creative and inspiring community that aims to improve the lives of others. (in this case, fresh food, and dining experiences) These 2 friends clearly have a passion for good food, good friends and finding fun ways to connect the two in new and interesting ways, and have built a unique marketplace to do exactly that.

5 –

Find camera equipment. Share camera equipment. Very cool hyper engaged community and rapidly expanding to a whole bunch of new cities as well. You can literally launch this style community in a weekend (they are also using Sharetribe) around whatever it is that excites you.


Of course there are many more…..I’ve looked a few great examples over the last week or two of what can be accomplished with a budget of 25-50K and it’s incredible how much you can do in such a short time these days. But THESE examples (above) are using tools and tech that you can literally launch for free.

(also check out – which launched on Sharetribe for free….and in the last month received a 400K investment to bring their vision of connecting local/tourist cycling enthusiasts with locals renting bicycles to other cities around the world)

Whatever it is that makes you come alive, whatever it is that inspires you…..just dive in and do it. There is literally no ceiling to what you can accomplish – nor fun to be had when you watch something go from your head into the world. (Ordinarily I would make another Donald Trump joke here, but I want to end this one on a high note.

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