One of the exercises in the Flow process outlined in the talk here, (or in Steven Kottler’s book on Flow states) is the science of going small. I’ve written about that a fair amount in years past (my own thoughts on doing that) and you can read some of that here or for me, more importantly, the “empowering questions” exercise I find really helpful, right here. (Especially the “what could go right”, practice)

how to use infographics,One of the “flow triggers” that many world class athletes, artists and creatives use is the intentional act of staying small. Making a short list (6 things or less) that IS your life. This is what you do. This is who you are. This is what you care about. This is how you live. This is the structure of your day, your priorities, your passion and how you appear in the world.

Going deep into what it is that you do really, really well….rather than going wide, like life, and business often asks of us.

This isn’t new of course. There are lots of trite truisms about going small and specific and mastering a few select things in a world class way (e.g. – the “fear the warrior who has practiced one kick, a thousand times…rather than he or she who knows a thousand kicks, practiced once)

I remember an interview with Bill Parcels, the storied NFL coach and executive, who once said – (and I paraphrase) “All I know is football. If I had to start making a living in any other field, I’d be woefully unqualified to do much else.”

So I was playing around a bit with some of this over the last few weeks, insofar as how i want my work life to look in 2017. Things I know I can’t fuck up, because i’m good at them, and they don’t really require much other than a comittment to show up. This isn’t my final list – but just some thoughts on my own “6 things” as I was jotting them down listening to others describe theirs.

What are YOUR 6 things? Write them down. Think about what life would look like (either overall – or professionally) if this was ALL you focused on for a fixed period of time.

My 6 things (go small) #LAUNCH2017

  • i write books
  • i teach courses
  • i create community
  • i inspire entrepreneurs
  • i make people laugh
  • i challenge myself professionally, in one new way, everyday.