I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but it appears, the rise in self publishing ain’t gonna end anytime soon. Instead, as these fine folks predict, in the future EVERYONE will be self publishing books, or stories, or some variation thereof.

There are lots of bold predictions about the future that feel too far fetched to be true. Like the idea that we may all be uploading our consiousness to the cloud by 2050, for example. But a future where everyone is an author? That’s too crazy for even Ray Kurzweil to believe. But not these guys. And they’re paying attention to the trend. Plus they’ve got graphs. Which means it must be true.

To quantify our changing reading and writing habits, we plotted the number of published authors per year, since 1400, for books and more recent social media (blogs, Facebook, and Twitter). This is the first published graph of the history of authorship. We found that the number of published authors per year increased nearly tenfold every century for six centuries. By 2000, there were 1 million book authors per year. One million authors is a lot, but they are only a tiny fraction, 0.01 percent, of the nearly 7 billion people on Earth. Since 1400, book authorship has grown nearly tenfold in each century. Currently, authorship, including books and new media, is growing nearly tenfold each year. That’s 100 times faster. Authors, once a select minority, will soon be a majority.