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Q: What is the absolute easiest way to get free traffic to a new online directory or authority site with NO (or very small) budget?

I really believe that the easiest way to get free traffic to a new directory style site is to offer to INTERVIEW people who are in your ideal audience (professionals in the niche you are focusing on) and doing this, at least for starters, by inviting them by email to participate.

You can hire someone very inexpensively to send out email invites, and by offering an interview, it adds a whole new dimension of appeal that will, no doubt, dramatically improve the response rate you’ll get from the folks you invite.

Here is a very simple CASE STUDY on how I generated about 20 thousand FREE visitors to a new site, a few years ago, using a very rudimentary invite strategy that worked wonderfully well….that I have since improved, optimized, tweaked and critiqued with lots of follow up – and in multiple niches, markets, industries and verticals as well. (this email invite did NOT include the “interview” angle or twist – which has dramatically increased it’s effectiveness)

Here is an example of an interview I did last week (Jan 12th of 2017) for one of the web directories/authority sites that was built using the email example above. You can hear that there “inteviews” are not formal or forced – the members really enjoy doing them – the public (the folks who are browsing the site to find people on the directory to hire) really find them quite informative and helpful, and overall, it’s just a win/win experience for all.

NOTE: DO read the case study above to get some of the psychological “triggers” for why this approach works so well for TRAFFIC generation – as you’ll be leveraging the actual audience of the person you are inviting, to grow/build + develop your directory. (if that doesn’t make sense – just ask below)

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