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A lot of us struggle when it comes to figuring out what we can actually sell to our “ideal audience” that has real value. (or that we’re confident enough in our abilities to present as if it does)

The truth is, in the online marketing consulting space, there is no lack of folks out there who are trying to “appear” like experts, or who have opinions to offer, that subject to a wee bit of scrutiny, seem pretty vulnerable to common sense or real world results. (I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the last few months researching various online “agency” style offers….and then invariably, rolling my eyes at some of what is recommended by the resident experts, as the best way to go and grow)

The good news, is within that space, there is an ENORMOUS opportunity for ethical opportunism – and if you are willing to do the work, an absolute avalanche of potential clients in every state, city, town, province or neighborhood under the sun.

Here is an article I shared a while ago for local marketing consultants that lots of folks found helpful. The key is, find what excites you, what you think you’d love to excel at, stay small (don’t try to master everything) and just be the absolute best you can be at a few critical things that truly DO offer rich rewards for those who trust you with your words, wisdom and work.

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