I know my voice sounds like I’m dying. (After hours and hours and days and days of recording videos/tutorials and screenflows, I very well may be). But, curated newsletters (and curation in general) is something I’m really excited about these days, which just goes to prove I really ought to get out more.

I’ve mentioned or written about 3 different curation tools over the last few months. All of which I’ve used, 2 of which I’ve paid for, and 1 of which I feel super comfortable recommending to new users, who are just launching something new.

I’m listing my recommendations in reverse order. (they are all really good)

Curated.Co (great landing pages – great name recognition in the curated newsletter space with high profile users – nice looking archive pages that do well for SEO – and good overall value for high profile, professional level curators/communities) – $25 a month to start.

Volleyy.com – Beautiful landing pages, nice looking forms, finer grain control over RSS feeds, segmentation, and automation. Slightly different process flow and functionality from the other tools I’ve used/discussed – and these guys have zero name recognition in the space – yet, the tool is temptingly awesome to used as #1. (and for some of you – may deserve to be) $1 per 100 subscribers (at last check)

Getrevue.com. Revue is fricking awesome and beautiful and a joy to use, which is Yiddish for this should be your top choice. Check out the video I made on the back end of one of our newsletters a few minutes ago, after a recent send. Adding content is super sexy and smooth on mobile and desktop – and all of the pixels are arranged in a perfectly pretty way when you publish. (the newsletters themselves, LOOK awesome, as the folks behind Revue are designers, and UI/UX pros through and through.)

Here is the best part. They are super affordable – and have free plans – and even if they didn’t, I’m going to do something totally weird and give you a coupon that’s not even mine. (I used it from some other random site I found it on last week – so rather than asking the guys at Revue to give ME a coupon code to share, because life is short, and i’m getting older and uglier everyday – I’m just going to share this one instead)


(one word)