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I recently joined a Facebook group for intermittent fasting. There are a lot of people in the group, and we spend most of our time talking about not eating, and posting pictures of ourselves before, during and after not eating.

I say “we”, but the truth is, I never post any pictures of myself. And I really don’t look at the pictures of other people. I just read the articles. (okay, I do peek occasionally at the pics, too)

Recently, there has been a lot of pictures of monkeys in our facebook group. Monkeys, aging gracefully. By not eating, I presume.

Anyway, I’m not really sure I can pick out the sexier monkey in this picture. There IS a right answer, it just took me two tries, and qualifying question, to get it.

Which of these monkeys do YOU think is aging better? And don’t forget to check out the hard science on why, not eating, is pretty good for living a longer, albeit unhappier life i’m finding, here.

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