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Q:  What SEO factors are going to be most important for making sure your blog, brand or website ranks well in 2017?

A:  I still get a lot of questions about SEO related things, and the truth is, I spend so little time understanding what has changed since I last was super active in this area (dating back to probably in 2013 I would say) – that I have very little to offer in terms of solid advice, outside of what I still think is the best SEO advice there is:

Create good stuff that people like to read – entertain, inspire, engage, poke, prod and try to be intensely authentic, even when it reveals things about yourself you’d prefer people didn’t know.

And avoid “contrived” SEO advice whenever you get it.

That to me, is the best content marketing advice I have to offer, although of course, there are lots of different little industry updates that are well worth checking out if you put food on your table with organic, natural traffic from Google, or otherwise.

This article seems to be a pretty good list of the best on (and off) site SEO practices, many of which I found interesting to explore.

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