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How to Write Better Book Titles


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In the “oldie but goodie” category (do people really say that, or did I just really date myself?) here is an article I wrote a few years ago on using attention grabbing words in your article titles to amp UP click through rates and increase conversions for, at the time….article marketing campaigns.

(who else remembers how effective article marketing used to be for free traffic….man o man, has that tactic jumped the shark!)

Want to know what hasn’t? Using wild, wacky and wonderfully weird words to get extra attention for your books, blog, brand and business…..even when the rest of the content is exactly the same.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting a bit with some ads to promote a bunch of new book titles I have coming out this month, both my own stuff, some group stuff, and some collaborative content and courses (we’ll be releasing on our Mindfulness learning platform you can see here) – and it’s amazing how well using unusual words STILL works in amping up interest. Yes, it can sometimes feel like you are writing a 2am infomercial title, rather than poetic prose, but if the point is to get more people to actually absorb your ideas, I’ll do whatever it takes to get them to stop and peek my way.

This list of 51 words is still my goto list for increasing conversion on both book titles as well as blog posts – and as i’m hoping to demonstrate in the weeks to come, they DO still work wonderfully well.

Download the whole list here.

The truth is, I shared these a few years ago, and I still get emails every week from folks who are using them in their own content campaigns to lift open rates, improve click through rates and radically re-invigorate blog post titles and headlines with compelling, curious and creative copy that beg to be noticed.

* Explosive
* Proven
* Overlooked
* Unsung
* Extraordinary
* Bizarre
* Peculiar
* Absurd
* Weird

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