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There are many ways to build an authority site. Some, are less obvious than others. And some, are actually a lot EASIER than others as well. The directory model is something that I’ve obviously covered here quite a bit, and for a variety of reasons, it remains one of my favorite strategies for launching an authority site, or an online agency style business that targets an individual niche. (including both the public, and the professionals who are passionate about that topic)

But you don’t need to START an authority site (or even a directory, per se) using the standard “Listify vs Listable vs Vantage” themes and frameworks that everyone under the sun is using the grow their businesses. There are in fact, lots of ALTERNATIVES to this approach that are super easy to launch, a lot of fun, and can be a whole lot easier for connecting with other professional peers in your space, and positioning yourself as a thought leader to boot.

(for example, in one of the last posts in this series, I showed how we used a $50 video theme from themeforest to curate video around the web in a specific niche, and then use that content to entice and attract an audience of people in both the public, and professional spheres, both who are remain actively engaged with this content everyday, as I write this. These are videos that we are NOT tasked with creating, mind you…..the folks out there working in this space (in this example, the “spiritual” growth and intuitive development niche) actually have done all of the hard work for us already – and we’re just re-purposing this content, and using “complimentary” social media posts to engage with these creators in ways that motivate them to want to share our site and stuff)

The same is true with a CURATED newsletter style authority site, and i truly believe this is one of the absolute EASIEST, and most ethical ways to grow an authority site from scratch, and truly providing a value resource to both your readers, and your professional peers alike. (or your target audience, be they public folks looking to learn about a given niche (Yoga instructors or classes in their area, for example) as well as, the professionals who offer those services in the first place. (The yoga professionals, in this example, as well)

Your job becomes building a bridge beetween the public and your peers (assuming you are in that niche, yourself) and it’s an amazingly easy way to truly hit the ground running, with only a short afternoon of set up work to launch.

Check out this example of an authority site case study (at the link below) using the content curation as authority site model.

Check out another cool spin on this idea, using a simple curation tool (one I’ve used and like myself – curated.co) with this clever twist on the standard directory site – here.

IF you truly want to step UP and stand out in your niche in 2017, and build something valuable and viable, thinking creatively about how to curate content – be it in a directory style site using Listify or Listable or Appthemes, or whatever your framework of choice may be IS a great option. But it’s not the only one – and it’s not the one that requires the least amount of effort either. A curated newsletter style site is awesome, easy and a ton of fun – and I’ll be sharing some of my own examples in the days to come.

Because of the broad range of topics, there was almost no way for people interested in HRA to find the content they wanted simply by searching following a few websites or searching the Internet.

“Our job is to deliver all the various viewpoints concerning high-res audio,”

Hi Res Audio Central needed three things to maintain a website that delivers a respected editorial voice:

To find the best and most trusted content in their niche
To deliver content efficiently and cost effectively
To increase website traffic and audience engagement
All 3 of these goals perfectly align with a content curation. Once they decided that curation would be the foundation of their content strategy, the next step was to find a tool that would do the job effectively and efficiently.


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