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One of the absolute BEST ways to build an online agency is to have an existing audience of the EXACT clients and customers that your IDEAL AUDIENCE (your professional niche) needs to grow their OWN brand or business

This is why building a directory, and a little bit of a social media presence in your niche, that is focused on the PUBLIC (rather than the professionals) is a great place to invest some time, energy and even income…..as it will be well worth it later on.

In this short(ish) video – I cover a really specific and super simple strategy for approaching professional peers (your ideal audience from the “Agency” standpoint) – and demonstrating how your existing perceived authority in a niche, market or vertical can be super valuable to THEIR brand and business, even if you are giving them stuff for free.

(NOTE: You can use the exact concept covered in this video to offer “premium” or featured listings as well – e.g. – when you are featured on our “directory”, you get XY and Z…..PLUS, you’ll get a featured interview that we’ll promote to our facebook fans, our newsletter subscribers, etc) you can make the offer to be “featured” (something many directory owners struggle with monetizing) SO incredibly irresistable (and provide real metrics that they can see and visualize and get excited about), that it’s almost stupid silly to say NO to your offer.

Check out this video where i demonstrate a really simple “Content Community Continuum” approach to recycling a short piece of free content across a few different platforms – and then use the results to demonstrate to my ideal audience – “hey, let me do this for YOU as well”!

This is especially valuable when your professional audience (like mine) are “makers” or creators at heart – or who have services to sell – as it becomes super easy to demonstrate how appealing this sort of offer is to help them extend their universe of influence and appeal to a new audience. (in this case, mine 🙂

Any questions?

Feel free to ask! Want to work with me to build YOUR directory? There is no better way to develop a profitable online agency than using the authority site model, and i’m happy to work with a small committed group of clients who want unique, innovative and ethical approaches to transforming your business in 2017 and beyond. Get in touch and put (Online Agency) in the subject line!

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