Have you ever asked yourself what could go right?

Really asked yourself

Not danced around or fooled yourself with what you hope might go well

Or what you think may be possible

But instead, what could go right?

Like – in just a plain jane, matter of fact sort of way.





And just ask it like that.

Because that’s really the best place to begin.

I’m a pretty optimistic person. Passionate about things I’m good at, confident in things I’m competent in, and typically, have no problem envisioning big things falling my way.

But strangely, paradoxically even, I never ask – REALLY ask – “what could go right.”

It’s almost like I have – maybe like most of us – intertwined with that sense of self confidence and that core sense of – I’m pretty good at this – or pretty talented at that – this strange sense – that inner knowing that,

 no matter how many cups of coffee i drink – no matter how many deep belly breaths I take – no matter how many endorphins I make – there is always these underlying abiding expectation that what can get fucked up, will – and no matter how exciting it sounds – it ain’ t gonna be all it aims to be.

I’m trying to break that habit.

And I find, merely asking the question – “what could go right?” and being attentive to the answers that arise, is really a powerful practice in pragmatic positivity.

Because before you even dive that deep, you realize, a lot CAN go your way.

Be honest.

Small things.

Good things. Unexpected and easy breezy things.

Things that make the act of starting the thing that matters most.

The simple act of asking the question with attention and intention is actually a pretty liberating thing.

So try this.

Set a clock, a watch or a timer for 5 minutes.

Or not.

Get a pen and a piece of paper.

Or not.

And simply sit with what could go right.

Ask it.

Energize it in whatever way works for you.

Write it down. Or – close your eyes and simply see it or say it or watch as it happens, exactly as it would, if it could go exactly to plan.

And I think you’ll find –

It probably will.