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The Moment You Realize Your Hurricane Preparation Skills Leave A lot To be Desired


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The good news? I did manage to snag 2 bags of cheese doodles, 8 Metrx bars (which are great for brushing your teeth in case of a water shortage/emergency) – 2 organic pizza’s, 1 bag of publix brand cherry cough drops, 1 tin of premium sardines, 1 extra large tub of siraccha, 2 flasks of cool brew coffee concentrate (the best thing ever – and thankfully these “got to get flashlights and water” suckers totally lunched on – their loss, my gain baby) and one big box of publix brand splenda. (Which i may be eating straight from the packet by Saturday)

Hope it’s cool and dry where you are in the world. IF not – it’s too late to get cheese doodles – but if you’re close, I’m happy to share one of mine.

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