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Selling More Books, Starting a Coaching Business and Other Misc Meanderings

Here is a conversation I had with reader and friend Kevin a few days ago, on a broad swath of topics related to building “buzz” for a book, brand and business.

Some of the things we covered are:

  • Using FREE books on Amazon to generate easy traffic to a paid course, or premium offer.
  • Some of the various ways to set up a coaching practice.
  • Various marketing models that are specifically designed for authors, teachers, trainers, and purpose driven professionals.

We also talked about some cool, creative services that you can use to quickly and easily get started for free….regardless of your budget.

These include:

  1. WithCoach.Com
  2. OpenTest.Co
  3. Viewedit.Com

And several others.


I used a brand new iphone based recording app for this call – (brand new to me πŸ™‚ – and there is a SUPER annoying beep every 10 seconds or so, for most of the recording. Don’t listen to this with headphones on – or if you are easily aggravated by beeps – this ain’t the right audio for you. (the beeps DO (Thankfully) end over the course of the last 25 minutes or so – and there is some real value (I think) in that section of the recording, so if you find the combination of my voice and the beeps as grating as I do – skimm, ahead πŸ™‚

If you are in a similar situation as Kevin – and would like to chat with me for a few minutes on similar topics and how to grow your business – feel free to send me an email (ianrhollander AT gmail DOT com) and I’m happy to help – or say hi on Facebook and let me know you want to chat.

how to stop smoking permanentlyHere is Kevin’s book on Amazon


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