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WithCoach.Com. A new way to sell digital downloads on your coaching site

Update note:  Here is an example of my most recent course on Withcoach.  

It’s an amazingly easy platform to use for creating courses, selling courses, coaching, products and programs, and unless you are launching a multi-author platform, I’d recommend withcoach over Teachable as of Summer 2017.  (both are great – but withcoach is simply eons easier to use)


One of the things I’m really excited about these days is helping passionate, purposeful people create more content that can be consumed in multiple formats, and repurposed in a myriad of creative ways.

For example, last week Kevin and I discussed some different ways to re-purpose his Amazon book into a course, and his course into a coaching offer.  Of course one of the challenges that many people face when doing this sort of thing is more of a pragmatic problem – how to split up and segment the stuff we sell across different platforms, websites, blogs and so forth.

For example?  If you have a Woocommerce store on your blog, and want to sell courses, you pretty much need (or should, at least) add a special plugin (Sensei) to convert your content into courses, and separate that from the other stuff you sell.  (let’s say digital downloads)  More likely than not, instead…..what you’ll be doing is linking to your UDEMY course, or wresting or wrangling to map a service like Teachable to a subdomain of your site, or something similar.

And, if you want to sell SERVICES on your blog (like I do here) it’s a whole different set of challenges, as folks tend to be less motivated to visit a site “store” for these types of offers – and in my own experience i can attest – yield very poor conversions as a result.

An optimum set up would be:

  1. A centralized spot where you can sell yourself.  (coaching, for example)
  2. You can sell your products. (shorter ebooks, for example)
  3. And you can sell higher end courses as well.

And if all of that were integrated in a way that facilitates higher engagement, and higher conversion levels, by virtue of how clients of one of the above could interact with other offers you have, the more value each new reader will bring.

So I was pretty excited this morning to get a surprise email notification from WITHCOACH.Com, the service I recommend to teachers, trainers who want to sell services as well – just released a new module for digital downloads.

This means, you can literally now have a LANDING page, a STORE, sell a SERVICE and offer high end coaching programs on one beautiful platform, for free.

It’s a great time to be alive, unless of course, you are living in the first episode of Season 7 of the Walking Dead, and your name rhymes with (SPOILER ALERT!) Phenn.

Check out WithCoach if you are ready to teach something, coach someone, or simply have some PDF’s, audio files or other mini morsels to sell – I’m very impressed, and looking forward to testing all the new features myself.


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