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You really ought to write a book.

You know it.

I know it.

We all know it.

I was reading some statistic the other day, and it said something like 80% of people want to write a book.

That’s a lot of people.

I’m going to tell you a secret.

Most of those people probably shouldn’t write a book.

Like my neighbor, for example.  I just spent 20 minutes talking to the guy down the street, and if he’s in the 80% group, I think we need a recount.

But YOU?

You really ought to write a book.

Need 7 good reasons WHY you ought to write a book?

You’re in luck.

should i write a bookI have 7 right here.

1 – It’s fun.  (it is – especially when you get in the zone/flow of it all – it FEELS uber creative and purposeful work)

2 – It establishes authority and expertise.  It’s true.  People trust people who write books. You inherit a certain amount of perceived expertise, by dint of having simply written a book, even if it’s a BAD book.  And as a group, we ARE in fact much more trustworthy than those slackers out there who just read them.

3 – It’s a GREAT passive income source.  I make money on Amazon everyday from experimental “niche” books I finished years ago, that aren’t even written in my name.  It’s not a ton of money – but it’s real – and it’s free – and it comes every single month like clockwork.

4 – A book is super easy to re-purpose.  You can create a coaching offer directly from a book.  You can obviously turn your book into a course, and sell it for 100X the price you get on Amazon.  You can use it to build your blog, you can record it, you can turn chapters into slideshares, and repurpose, rewrite and reuse your book content in zillion cool and creative ways to get more traffic to your site, service or offer.

5 – It’s great for personal branding.  Similar to #2 – but instead, to build buzz for the brand of you.  Your facebook friends will refer to you as “Joe, who writes books”   Of course, if your name isn’t Joe, that would be weird.  And it probably means you could use some better friends.  But you’ll still have written a book, which is super duper cool.

6 – It’s EASY.  Self publishing on Amazon is super duper simple.  You can literally write a book in a weekend, on just about any topic you love.  It’s also super INEXPENSIVE to self publish.  You can use a tool like Reedsy for formatting your book, get a cover from Fiverr for $5, OR invest the $5 in a good bottle of MD 20/20 and use Canva to create the cover yourself.  (PRO TIP – don’t drink the MD20/20 until after you’ve finished your cover, as tear stains can make your cover look really sad, and no one likes a buzz kill while reading)

7 – It SURVIVES you.  We are all going to die one day.  Except for Jeff Bezos.  He is going to live forever.  And when you publish a book on Amazon, you too will have eternal life, even if the Singularity never arrives like Ray Kurtzweil promised when I bought his new life extension autoship vitamin kit.

There is something sort of cool about knowing that as long as people continue to distribute and consume books and content in a way that resembles how we do it today – your work, your words, and your wisdom will continue to help, heal, entertain, inspire, encourage and affect people in ways both large and small.

In a few days, I’ll be launching a very new experimental workshop for writers, authors, content marketers and coaches who want to build buzz for your books.  (both real and imagined)  If you’d love to write a book, or create a course, or simply want to explore some of how this would look in your own life, use the contact form below to say hi.

(i’ve been doing some brainstorming sessions over the last few days with readers, subscribers and clients alike – I’m happy to get on the phone with anyone who needs a nudge, and is serious about starting)


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