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What Does The World Want From You?

how to find your life purposeWhat will you teach?

What are you called to teach, preach, emote, express or share with the world?

How can what you already know, right now – make people better?

What if this whole experience of aliveness – of being you – is merely a challenge to serve – to connect – to empower, inspire and uplift those who haven’t been where you’ve been? Where you are right now?

Each of us has a fingerprint – a unique insight earned of lived experience – and words and wisdom that the world really needs to hear.

If there was one thing you could teach – WOULD teach – what would it be?

I don’t believe in much for sure – but this I do believe is true.

Teaching is transformative.

Both for the person being taught

But also – and equally interesting and empowering to me – for the teacher herself.

I recently had a pretty interesting experience.

I interviewed about 50 people who had “near death experiences”

They came from all sorts of different backgrounds and beliefs.

I’ve been all over the map with what I believe about this stuff before this.

But coming out of this, I learned one thing.

Just about each and every person – regardless of what believed before – came “back” with a concerte certainty that there was
something important left to do.

A powerful purpose and raison d’ê·tre to their lives they could no longer overlook.

I keep on thinking about this.

Either their experience is literally true, like they insist.

Or, even if i’m skeptical –

There is something hardwired into us – something powerful and purposeful and profound – that demands we grow, contribute, heal, help, teach and transform the lives of those we meet.


Maybe it matters not.

It matters only that it in the end, it really seems to matter.

So what are you teaching?

Who are you teaching it to?

What do they need?

And how do you make people better – if only for having stumbled upon your words, and your wisdom?

Think about it.  Friends, family, neighbors near and far.

They all count.

So live like it does.

Teach what you know.

And then live what you teach.

It’s the greatest gift we have to offer.

And maybe, in the end, whether we take it with us or merely leave it behind, it’s the only thing that ever mattered at all.


2 Comments on "What Does The World Want From You?"

  • Ian, thank you so much for this opportunity to share. After being a serial entrepreneur all my life and trying one business idea after another that failed, I finally found the one thing that paid off. I started renting a room on airbnb in 2011. The money it generated allowed me to get out of debt, quit my job and grow it to a six-figure business. I’m so excited about the transformation that airbnb has brought to my life that I am chomping at the bit to get the word out and teach people how they too can enjoy the financial freedom and time freedom possible by becoming a short term rental entrepreneur. Please tell me more about how we can reach and teach more people about this. Cheers! Sue Hoyuela

    • ian says

      Hi Sue! What an awesome idea! (i’m a big fan of Airbnb – but mostly due to wanderlust and a nomadic nature 🙂 It’s an amazing evergreen idea for a course!

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