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As most of you already know, I’ve recently become a huge fan of Pinterest. And when I say most of you, I mean mostly nobody. Because my passion for Pinterest, much like most other things I discuss with my therapist, I keep to myself. Which apparently is a problem.

But, the truth is, I HAVE been spending a fair amount of time exploring Pinterest over the last few weeks, and for a few important reasons.

1 – It’s a ton of fun
2 – I love pretty pictures
3 – Football season hasn’t started yet.
4 – Most guys in their mid 40’s do, we just don’t blog about it. Mostly because we don’t have blogs. But I do. So there you go.

Anyway, using content to cultivate a community, has always been something I’ve been pretty good at – and I figured Pinterest would be no different. I have a core audience I want to target, I know what they like, I have a series of sites I’d like them to join, and then love, and then share with the world….and so on.

So after pinning my fingers raw for about 10 days straight, I was super duper excited to get up this morning to my first comment on a pin.

Charlie Sheen would NOT consider this “#Pinning!”

I’m going to keep it up, but I think I may need to include more football pins.  And maybe some BBQ.

(Even though I’m a vegetarian.)

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