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I’m a bit of a contrarian.  I know.  But I still love Tumblr in 2016, and think that while most folks bailed on Marissa Mayer, Yahoo and Tumblr at some point late last year, I still think there is a lot of smart money moving blogs and brand building to the Tumblr platform in 2016.

Nescafe, for example, has moved their entire web site platform to Tumblr this year, and have reported in many places and spaces that it’s been a BIG boon for their brand, their blog(s), their budget, and their bank account to boot.

Here is a short list of 10 big brands using Tumblr for business in 2016 as well.

But for small business owners like you and I, coaches, creatives, authors, artists, content marketers and so forth, Tumblr really presents some super unique opportunities to do amazing things, very very quickly, especially in the content curation and creation space.  Done properly, you can literally have an incredibly inspiring blog and website built in a short windy weekend (like the one Hermina is bringing to my part of the world today 🙂 and with a few extra little tweaks, optimizations and improvements, (like using some little known Tumblr hacks for building a “shop” or storefront – or curating content from ANY url on the web (rather than just from within the Tumblr ecosystem, the way 99% of folks use the platform), you can literally fast track your appearance of experience and expertise, EVEN on a brand new blog, site or service that has NOTHING on it, right now.  (this is one of the biggest concerns many of my own readers recite – it feels like SUCH heavy lifting to come up with new content for a new blog using WordPress or any other long form focused writing platform, that it’s easy to give up quick)

With that in mind, I’m teaching a very short course on using Tumblr for building your blog and business in 2016.  It should be about 60 minutes, and will be a live thing where i’ll show you how i use Tumblr to build a brand new site in 30 minutes, while watching Wolf Blitzer in the background.

(he is sort of an unpaid and unwitting extra in the production process and just says “Breaking News” a lot in the background as I find cool things to post)

Send an email to ianrhollander (AT)gmail.com and i’ll send you the course when it’s ready.

how to make money with tumblrHere is one of the visualizations that I’m using to teach it – this pretty much lays out the process of launching a brand new Tumblr blog, using my approach anyway, with the “secret sauce” being the post to Tumblr bookmarklet you can download here.


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