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how to map domain to tumblrHere is a really quick video tutorial on how to set up your Tumblr blog to “appear” on your own domain.

This is a really good strategy for blog and brand building on budget, as Tumblr is 100% free, there are no hosting charges, you can get amazing and aesthetically appealing blog themes for under $50 (often 100% free, like the one I’m using on my own example – which is called “Basic” by Otherthemes – AND of course, the best part of Tumblr is how much fun they make it to quickly and easily CURATE content on a brand new blog from scratch. (you can literally have 100 posts on your website in about an hour or two – all hand curated by you, around the theme of your niche, market or industry – especially if it’s in a creative space)

I’ve recorded a few of these in audio and video format, along with a bunch of infographics and visualizations for those who want to learn how to REALLY accelerate your content marketing using the Tumblr platform – I’ll be selling the course (or maybe giving it away, haven’t decided yet) – but for those who want the videos for free, I’m happy to share. (and those of you who have emailed me already, I appreciate your interest, and I’m happy to give them to you when they are organized a bit better)

In this short video, you’ll see how to “mask” or map or point your tumblr blog to your own domain, so folks who visit your site (in this case – ianhollander.com) – will see YOUR website, and not a “tumblr” subdomain.

NOTE: I’m only using this for demo purposes only – and will probably revert my own domain back to a coming soon page – or a static landing page – so depending on when you read this http://ianhollander.com may no longer be “pointing” to Tumblr.

You have to remember to go to your Registrar and do the one step I almost forgot of course – or it won’t work. (see screenshot of my own Godaddy account instructions for this – you can do the same thing)

Any questions – feel free to ask away!

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