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Want to inspire people with your writing? Good news! It’s not as difficult as we think it is. A great article well worth reading for anyone who truly wants to motivate, move, inspire, educate, entertain others into action. It turns out (if this author and these studies are right) that the REAL key to inspired writing is actually to be inspired while doing the actual writing. Which means, if you are anything like me, you only need a BIG idea, and a bigger cup of coffee to wake up the world with your words…and work 🙂

Actually, not to be overly “meta” about this, but I find experientially that this is true. The level of passion and purpose and inner sense of urgency I bring to something, the more people tend to resonate and respond, EVEN if the writing itself isn’t as good as other stuff I create that is more well considered or crafted. (but lacks the punch of passion or urgency you can’t contrive)

IF you truly want to do work that matters, this is well worth reading.

However, these findings suggest that good writing is more like talking, an expression of one’s inner state of being. Perhaps the most helpful way for aspiring writers to view writing is as a natural vehicle for capturing personal insights and expressing them. These insights can be valuable and inspiring to the reader whether or not they are also perceived as original or arising from intense effort. As Tolstoy put it,

“People are taught how to write many-paged composition, without having anything they wish to say, on a theme about which they have never thought… This is taught in schools.”

I really like the “self-as-author” metaphor that the researchers use: “The author confronts a blank page, unsure what to say, and the self struggles with an unwritten future.. Both find their voice when inspired, and the author-self, at last, speaks with authority and authenticity.”


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