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How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Are you using Pinterest with a lot of success? What are the most effective marketing strategies you are using to grow your audience on Pinterest?

To be honest, it’s really only in the last 30 days or so that we’ve been really trying to scale up our Pinterest presence on a larger community collaborative project (a Mindfulness oriented community) and I’m having so much fun finding great and inspiring images, I’m almost forgetting that our profile feels almost invisible otherwise.  (very few followers, only 1 image that is getting re-pinned with any regularity, etc)

The exciting news is, as I’ve been exploring some of the various ways Pinterest can be used to build buzz for our business, I’m slowly seeing how powerful it can be for converting content into a community and images into income.  Our community marketplace is being driven by Shopify, for example, which is deeply invested in making it’s platform Pinterest purchase friendly, simply because the Pinterest platform has such a phenomenal ROI for them, and their shop owners.

Similarly, our mindfulness oriented course community is running on Teachable, and they are claiming similar sensational success from the course building c0mmunity.

Pinterest seems to be driving not only great traffic, but a highly engaged and eager to interact audience who want to buy content and courses from the teachable creator community.  (teachers and trainers and content creators of every type and stripe)

Of course, I’m also a bit dismissive of most of the Pinterest marketing advice that I find out there in the wild, the typical simple, silly, spammy and scammy recommendations are everywhere, and as we know, much like Donald Trump’s new campaign reboot, they aren’t going to work.

So what Pinterest marketing techniques are working best for you?

  1. I’m about to start running some paid campaigns, so if you have some experience with that, i’d love to hear about it.
  2. We also started (as a group) starting to follow lots of other people in our niche (something I hate doing just for the contrived sake of it) and re-pinning other images that are relevant to our niche (which I love doing, as that’s the spirit of the platform, and there is so much great stuff out there to discover that is not only fun to find, but is actually helping do hella insightful market research into our marketplace, that i hadn’t really thought of before)
  3. One of the out of the box ideas I’m trying this week is running FB campaigns to a landing page on our blog/marketplace community that has a VERY pinnable image (an infographic we paid to produce) and I’m hoping that the avalanche of eyeballs that this FB ad campaign will generate to this particular post, will lead to lots of relevant, re-pins from thought leaders on FB who are going to peek…and then hopefully re-purpose our pin by dint of it’s relevance to their audience as well.

I’m going to report back on some of the stuff we’re doing on Pinterest that works, as well as some of the stuff that doesn’t.

(if history is our guide, the stuff that DOES work wonderfully well will be a surprise and the stuff that flops, will be the stuff i think right now is going to be amazingly effective 🙂

I’d also love to hear from those of you are love pinterest, and are using it as a good traffic source, and converting your content into clients or cash and your pins into profit.

Here are 10 tips on using Pinterest for business from Searchengineland – a few of these feel worthy of exploration, (like running contests and campaigns) while others feel a bit dated – even though this article is super popular for folks looking for Pinterest advice.  You can read the whole thing following the short excerpt below.


9. Run Contests

It’s safe to assume that most people enjoy social media contests, which are extremely easy to promote on Pinterest. For example, you could do something as simple as having a user pin and re-pin in order to win a prize. You could also team up with a tool like Rafflecopter to give away a few extra entries for people who follow you on Pinterest. No matter how you approach running a contest, it’s an easy and quick way to bring attention your account and gain more followers.

8. Use Keywords, Descriptive Titles, & Hashtags

Check out the competition by using the Search feature and enter keywords relevant to you or your brand. If you notice that only a few boards appear after entering the keyword, you may have to select another keyword that has more boards for your title. Longtail keywords and trending topics are usually safe bets when picking out a keyword.





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