Ever want to start your very own curated newsletter with a super sweet and uber simple service that showcase your interests, and shares them with the world in a bold and beautiful way?

Of course you haven’t.  You’re probably too busy browsing fun countries to move to in the event Donald Trump becomes president like me.  My short list?  Israel.  (for the heritage)  Amsterdam.  (for the good ganja)  Colorado.  (for the legal ganja and fuck it,  it’s not a country but it’s close)  And Canada.  Because I love hockey, and it’s a short drive.

Regardless of where you move, you WILL need to run your business, and you will need a killer cool and creative content curation tool.

Here is my favorite.    It’s fast.  It’s free.  And it’s phenomenally fun, like Pokeman Go without the risk of falling off of a cliff.

It’s also invite only, but I have 5 invites to share with anyone who wants to give it a go – just shoot me an email or say hi on Facebook, and i’m happy to share.