1 – Ever wonder what a conversation between me, Elon Musk, Neil Degrasse Tyson, the late (great) Phillip Dick and the guy downstairs who sells (and then smokes) my Kush would sound like?  Of course you haven’t.  But I have.  And it usually ends with me giving a great speech about the future of human potential, getting a rousing standing ovation from Philip, Elon and my dope dealing neighbor, while Neil (as always) sneaks into the kitchen to bogart my last box of toaster pizza for his drive home.

Okay, in fairness, I probably wouldn’t be saying much.  I tend to get really paranoid around smart stoned strangers.   But if you’ve ever wanted some evidence that we may be living in a MATRIX style simulation world being run by some not too distant generation of our children’s, children, children….watch this short video of Elon Musk being asked about it at the Re/Code conference last week.  (amongst many other prominent scientists who are now on record saying the same thing)

I LOVE this stuff…and while I’m not smart enough to grok most of the science, the “original” argument for a simulated universe by Neil Bostrom a few years ago, is a super easy, elegant and almost A-HA obvious to understand and strangely inspiring in 3 statement sentences to boot.  (and I for one, no pun intended……would love a re-boot)

2 – If we are living in a simulated universe, I truly hope I’m the only one living in the one where 45% of the population is about to vote Donald Trump for President.  I’m actually willing to take one for the team on this.  If, let’s say….i got the shitty roll of the cosmic dice, and this is all make believe anyway – and  I’m the on screen avatar in Donald Trumps, great, great, great, great grandkids virtual reality video christmas gift game being played in some set top box somewhere in Palm Beach Island, Florida….. however this turns out, I think I’m  happy to suffer alone.

Truly, I hope your universe is better.

Hopefully you got the guy who won the first season of Survivor as your universes virtual reality presidential candidate.   Or, maybe in your world, you got really lucky and it’s princess Khalisi and 3 dragons running the roost.

It matters not – I got Trump throwing sharp elbows and bad arguments into my living room every night……and you didn’t, which means, in all universes, you win.

3 -Speaking of geniuses…..who is in charge of scheduling the NBA finals games?   Who wants to wait 19 days between games when there is so little else to watch on TV.  What am I supposed to do on off nights?  Watch Dexter?  The Good Wife?  Good grief, give me some Monday night basketball.

Or, maybe just one more night of Mr self tanning color tone two shades too deep Trump on the tube.  I can’t take it. I don’t want to turn my head to the TV….and yet, there it goes, yet again.

It’s all rigged, I tell you.  In my universe, anyway.