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roomateAfter you recommend his product, live –  to 500 people on a webinar.

(and tell the person who “raised his hand”in the event not to worry that their Facebook page, or blog hasn’t been updated in 3 months)

I’m going to be honest with you.

I could actually use a roomate, too.

But not so much for the financial contribution.

More because I’m sick of watching Game of Thrones, alone.

Who else loves dragons, princesses and chinese food?

Do you mind empty diet coke cans on the bathroom floor?

How about a Ouija board in the dining room?

Do you enjoy stoned conversations about Gluten intolerance, man buns (the hair kind) my Match.com profile and the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies?

If so, check Miami Craigslist tomorrow.

P.S.  (Special discount for Trump University grads)






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