But I know a big ass bump when I see one.

I know a bunch of you have watched this already, but for those who haven’t….a few weeks ago I uploaded a quick video case study of how we implemented a super simple Amazon marketing strategy that increased downloads by something like 4000% or so, in 72 hours.

(and the whole thing cost nothing, other than a few hours of time)

The catch?

Changing the price of the book from 2.99 to “permafree” (note:  NOT a “free” promotion, but for the purposes of Amazon, “forever free”, which is also future fluid if you want to change back)

In a world where old school free traffic sources are drying up, positioned properly, Amazon can be an amazingly easy way to get hundreds, or even thousands of people to your site, service, blog or business….and on a bootstrap budget.  (in some ways, it’s akin to how ezinearticles USED to be back in the article marketing gold rush days)

Anyway – in this short video, I outline the entire process we used for this client (and author in the spiritual services spaces) that has really been quite successful, and can be emulated easily.  (all you have to do is be willing to create content, which, if you’ve read to this point of the post, I would imagine you are willing to do 🙂

Check it out here – and the offer on the course page still stands – if you have any questions about blog building, content curation, email marketing, or anything else, feel free to ASK me anything, and I’ll record an answer for you.