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9 things i learned on Tuesday (and live nude puppets)


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  • People who threaten to sue you, in the end, really only want a hug.
  • The sunscreen that promises to apply “perfectly clear” before you smear it on the burnt spot on your nose — has a history of making promises it never intended to keep.
  • eating the big bag of croutons, and not the small bag of spinach, isn’t really the point
  • People you trust are destined to disappoint you, but dogs you don’t, rarely do
  • A good deep belly breath is rarely a bad idea
  • When the USPS delivery slip says “ delivered in or around the mail box” and then gives you a treasure hunt map of potential places to search when your package is missing, it really means — someone you don’t know deep bow thanks you for the free swag
  • 9 pushups at 9pm ain’t the antidote for 900 calories (see croutons and #3)
  • Live nude puppets sounded like a great oringal name for a book, or a blog post, or a sloppy summer saturday night, until you Google discover that 1400 other creative geniuses thought of it first. (but i’m going to half title use it here)
  • Sometimes your best move is to back up, back down, turn around and try again.
  • Tomorrow.

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