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A great (video) interview with the founders of theSkimm.  (arguably the most popular new email newsletter in the world right now)

This is a great example of how ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary with a little bit of moxie, a little bit of vision, a little bit of risk and a whole lot of dive in and do it.

A great video for bloggers, and brand builders – and NOT because what they say here is so incredibly deep or profound or insightfully brilliant.  (although there are a few great gems here – I particularly liked the “we’re an “audience” company when investors forced them to pick)

Instead, this is inspiring simply due to how ordinary this idea is, and how extraordinary the success they are having with it in spite of it.  Also note how the Skimm ambassador program is really an affiliate program, or a JV partnership that incentives readers to evangelize for the brand.  This stuff is so obvious and easy to do – and contrary to that email you got from this guy (or one of the many goofy guru’s like him) it doesn’t have to be sleazy to do it right.

P.S. – I pay so very little attention to the people who are “teaching” in the online marketing space these days, simply because attention is so valuable, and I’m already a bit challenged in that department to begin with.  But what I do see, typically from Facebook “friends” who are commenting/liking/ people I recognize from years back, or intuitively just spot their gimmicky game from a super quick glance in their direction – it strikes me as so sad that this sort scammy spammy slimey preying on the weak thing still goes on, unabated, in 2016.

One of my FB “friends” left a comment on some program being promoted by a guy I loosely recall on the edges of the internet marketing fiefdom from years back…and I couldn’t help myself.  I looked at the schlock he is slinging – and her apparent enthusiasm for scooping it up – and then read some of the horrendous disaster stories that inevitably are about to follow – it’s like Trump University writ super small.  (because as the Donald would tell you – he’s in a class by himself, and these guys are all playing to the cheap seats by design)

I’m sort of a pacifist these days, mostly because I have small hands and bruise easily.  But, if I did display by ninja jujitsu skills in public, it would be in a ring, with people selling slop like that, and hurting people for profit.

I don’t want to give away my fight strategy, but there would be blood.  (hopefully not mine)

Skimm, Ahead anyway.  Great ideas always abound.


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