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The Day You’re Reminded Who is Boss

The Day You’re Reminded Who is Boss


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I’m not one for conspiracy theories.

I don’t think the Moon landing was staged.

I don’t believe that 9/11 was an inside job.

I don’t believe Ted Cruz’s dad was in on the Kennedy assasination.

But I do have privacy concerns.  And trust issues.  So when I got this email immediately after getting off the phone with Amazon after yet another no show Amazon prime delivery where I may have forfeited any chance of winning most polite customer of the year, I knew it was a message, message.

We know you are a Lady Gaga fan, Ian.  But in your case, Superfan may be a more apt description.  And we’ve got proof.

Care to see it?

We thought so.

Don’t fuck with Amazon.  They know what you like.  And how much.

And unlike you, they don’t care who knows.





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