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I’m addicted to finding cool writing tools to play with to turbocharge my productivity.

I’m also addicted to WAWA Coffee and cheap red wine, but I’m going to talk about those in another post. (and again with my court ordered Shrink on Wednesday at 2)

I want to share a few simple productivity hacks that have really improved my own writing output. There are lots of tools like these, but I really enjoy discovering something new and then immediately being able recognize the results that emanate from putting them to good use.

#1: The Worlds Most Dangerous Writing App

This is an awesome and free app that is somewhat similar to having a friend standing behind you on the diving board when you were in grade school….and too scared to swim.

My friends name was Robbie Hawkins, and he used to push me in, even when I didn’t have my little elbow floatable wings on, until my older sister beat him up on the second day of first grade, which was awesome, and one of the reasons I’m not a good fighter today. Although, if I saw Robbie today, i’m pretty sure I’d get him in a rear naked triangle choke in under 3 minutes and pretend not to hear him tap.

The most dangerous writing app is like your personal Robbie Hawkins.  And you don’t need a big sister around who in a playground scrum, is not afraid to lead with her head. You simply start typing…..and working, and thinking and data dumping your prized prose into pretty pixels, but don’t dare stop…..because if you do, it disappears.

Said differently – it’s an unforgiving way to sit down and work, because if you’re prone to long unplanned wolf blitzer popcorn breaks like me in the middle of the workday, you’ll reliably lose everything you wrote in 7 seconds or less. (I think if you stop typing for 5 seconds….your work self destructs)

Def give it a try – I love it and like most approaching middle age men who wonder WTF happened to our lives, I don’t do my best work under pressure.

2 – Reedsy  

Reedsy is an awesome way to quickly and easily convert your content into beautiful ebooks….100% free.

I knew of Reedsy as a marketplace for authors/editors and folks who were looking for professional publishing help, but they recently released this really cool, totally free and 100% awesome way ebook formatting platform which really works wonderfully well. (and is dead simple to use)

If you are sick and tired of paying some girl in the Philippines $5 to edit your books on Fiverr, only to find out she doubled the “gig” because you went over the 20 thousand word count, Reedsy is a great free and far superior alternative, and a great way to give the wider world the middle finger….and show you are proud to be an American as well.

(PS – I love the Philippines, I love Fiverr and I only wrote that because Donald Trump promised to re-tweet it to the Aryan Nation, which I’m told is great for SEO)

3 – Transcribe.

This is a killer cool tool for transcribing interviews into content you can re-purpose for a myriad of marketing masters. On the surface, it’s obvious utility is for turning audio interviews into transcripts, which is does really, really well. (see the UI of the tool to see why)

But I’ve been using it in some other interesting ways as well. For example? I’ll record a 10 minute audio that I KNOW going in (depending on the time of day…..see the caffeine and wine addiction caveat above) I won’t be releasing as is, to my list. Instead, I’ll load that audio into Transcribe, type out the text, and then either edit the result into a PDF, article, blog post or even a short free Ebook for Amazon.

(you can dump the text above right into Reedsy and have a well formatted, short read ebook finished in a short afternoon)

Really very cool and reduces the need for outsourcing a lot of the work that folks may not have the budget for in the beginning. (you can also add a team to your Transcribe account, cutting back dramatically on your own outsourced costs & time sink to get content creation completed…….even if you have no plan on doing the edits/transcriptions yourself)

So there you have it.

3 great tools that will increase your productivity, even if you want to kick Donald Trump in the baby makers, like me.

( but just once, and only with sandals.  Which means it stings for a few hours,  but doesn’t do any permanent damage.  Just Ask  Robbie Hawkins.  I’m sure he’d agree)

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