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I knew I needed a good motto for 2016.

I just didn’t know that I’d get it from a pre-Star Wars with my Mom and Dad New Year’s Eve extravaganza chat with Comcast.

Now, I’m still not 100% sure how I’ve managed to rack up a $530 bill after one month of Cable in my new place.

But I AM 100% sure that staying calm and connected is a good mantra for 2016, and that’s advice worth paying for.

I also love the idea of just dispensing directives at customers when they start to get all question-y and free thinking-ish.

“Don’t you dare get up Mr. Hollander until I said so – and not one second sooner.”

Just kidding. Forget I said that.

Now, where were we?

Of course, if I wasn’t 3 quarters of the way caught up with the current Season of Homeland, and a very sad Sunday night social life, I’d probably protest with more passion.

I feel somewhat over-billed and under-whelmed, but I’m committed to keeping calm, and staying connected.

Just like you.


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Quick Update:

We are also looking for some people who want to participate in some case studies, so if you are starting from zero (or close to it) and would like to document and detail your move up the totem pole of progress, there may be an opportunity to work with me (and some other talented folks) 100% free in exchange for your transparency and willingness to share the results of our ideas and approach on your business.  (please email me for more:-)





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