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Okay.  I know.  Here it comes again.  I love Gumroad.  But only as a friend.  If they were a person, I’d give them a big  hug, but nothing Tim Tebow wouldn’t do.    (which apparently, isn’t much)

Looking for some great examples on how you can use Gumroad to sell products and services from your website? You can check out how I’m doing it in my own store (not so elegantly as this point, I’m using Woocommerce external product type to link to my personal Gumroad page which features my downloads) – OR, you can check out a very cool and creative example using their overlay feature, which I’ve written about quite a bit in the “start your own marketplace” series of posts you can read here.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at how many different products Kyle is selling – all of which are delivered through Gumroad, and all of which you can add to your basket using their very cool overlay feature, meaning you don’t (or won’t) have to leave the site to fill up your holiday basket with Gumroad goodies.

Is it just me, or do I have an unusually poetic command of the English language?

Don’t answer that. But do check out Gumroad – lots of great new features and I hear lots more on the way 😉

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