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Here is a short article I posted a few months ago….which I re-visited earlier today working with a small group of folks who are hell bent on writing (and publishing) their first Amazon ebook by the end of the year.

Starting anything new is challenging.  Writing, for whatever reason, is particularly so.

But teaching, sharing, emoting, expressing and offering your life lessons up in the spirit of service, to help others…..is natural, effortless and amazingly inspiring.  (first to oneself, and then to others)

I heard this great quote the other day – the central question one should ask whenever putting their time, and trust, into the world and words of another who aspires to inform.

“How can you help me to live?”

On some level, all of our intuitions, all of our aspirations, all of our private seeking and striving and soul searching – whether it’s directed inward at our own moral compass – or outward in the arms or answers or experiences of another – boils down to that one simple all too human and all too hard to find foundation.

If you have that experience or expertise to offer…..which you do, you really ought to write it down.

The truth is, anyone who has a unique life lesson, or valuable experience to share can write a “best selling” book these days, simply due to the way the whole self publishing space has evolved over the last half a decade.

And even if writing a best seller feels a bit audacious to you, the truth is, simply publishing a book at all is an amazing accomplishment that feels great and will do wonders for your professional self esteem and your perceived credibility in your niche, market or industry.

As a marketing tool, it’s magical. But as an authentic way to create, and then convey something powerful to an audience of people who will become better by having heard your message…..it’s really better than cold pizza on a sunny Sunday morning. (which is pretty hard to top)

Anyway, if you are NOT writing your first book out of fear that crafting a magnum opus of literary wonder is not within your current skill set – STOP. The pursuit of perfection, is the enemy of achieving anything at all – and if you think of yourself as a teacher, and the content in your book the imperfect lessons of a life well lived shared with purity of heart and in the spirit of service, you realize it’s the message that matters much more than the perfection of the prose.

This was titled, Teach. Don’t write. I know it’s taken a lot of the proverbial pressure off of me every time i set pencil to paper (or pixel) and hopefully it will do the very same for you.

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I am an author, artist and entrepreneur. My 2 passions are writing about, and teaching Marketing and Meditation. I like to think I’m a lot like Eckhart Tolle, if only he was taller, and a much better tennis player. (it turns out in person, he’s super short, has a terrible backhand and wears this weird scottish hat thingy that makes it really difficult to concentrate while serving) Plus he refuses to keep score and says ” it’s always NOW” when you ask who is up. Enough about me. We barely know each other. Stop staring. You’re making me nervous.