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10 Questions About Starting an Affiliate Program

The 2 questions I get more often than any other, are:

1 – How do you stay so damn sexy into your 40’s?


2- If I want to create an affiliate program for my blog, brand, business, site or service, what is the easiest way to do it?

Okay, the truth is, no one ever asks me #1.

Which hurts my feelings.

It would only take a minute and would make me feel much better.

Plus, I’d do it for you.

Anyway, if we are really being honest…….#2 isn’t really a question I get all that often either.

But it should be.

Because an affiliate program is probably the quickest, easiest and most ethical way to convert your friends, fans, followers and subscribers into eager and incentivized evangelists and ambassadors for your books, blog, brand and business.

And believe me, the days where the tools and tech are tough are behind us.  That no longer is a good excuse to NOT empowering your audience to share your stuff in places and spaces you would never be able to reach on your own.

In addition, Gumroad is the ideal way to get started, with your own affiliate program, in about the time it takes for Fox News to say “Fair and Balanced” with a wink and a smile.

More good news?

I’ve answered the top 10 questions for launching an affiliate program, specifically with Gumroad, and you can download it (on Gumroad….see what I did there?) right here.

It’s 100% Free.  Just enter “0” in the price field and enjoy.


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